Dig-It! Games makes games that parents want their kids to play: educational, interactive learning games develop and enrich kids' analytical thinking, team building, multitasking, creative thinking and independent learning skills while being entertaining and engaging.  Through the framework of archaeology, our games teach problem-solving, critical thinking and the joy of intellectual discovery.  Players are presented with authentic and accurate historical information that conforms to curriculum mandates and Standards of Learning.  Our games are fun educational experiences that seamlessly blend entertainment and learning.


Mayan Mysteries

Players put their puzzle skills to the test as they travel through history and uncover the adventure of Mayan Mysteries! This puzzle-based game combines in-depth study of the fascinating Maya civilization with activities that test reading comprehension, geographical knowledge, spatial reasoning, and science and math skills.  Discover artifacts, decode glyphs, visit ancient Maya cities, explore the Maya calendar, and more in this exciting educational journey through history.


Students in fifth through ninth grades will enjoy the adventure of learning about archaeology and lost civilizations with Mayan Mysteries. They’ll unearth details of the Mayan empire as they learn geographic, scientific, and mathematical concepts. The game has a built-in Teacher Management System to track how each kid is doing.

- Scholastic Administrator