Mayan Mysteries

Single User - $3.99

Join Team Q in their quest to stop the mysterious master thief Ladrone and locate the mythical lost city of Ich’aak! Explore the mysterious world of the ancient Maya and learn about their remarkable civilization. Discover artifacts, decode glyphs, visit ancient Maya cities, explore the Maya calendar, and more in this exciting educational journey through history. Uncover the adventure of Mayan Mysteries!


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Classroom Edition - $189.00

Take your students on an exciting educational adventure to learn about the ancient Maya civilization and culture with Mayan Mysteries, an innovative educational game for 5th to 9th graders.  Available online and via mobile devices, this puzzle-based game combines in-depth study of the fascinating Maya civilization with activities that test reading comprehension, geographical knowledge, spatial reasoning, and science and math skills.  In-game evaluations test comprehension and retention of information corresponding to Common Core standards.  Mayan Mysteries provides teachers with a powerful Teacher Management System (TMS) to track individual and class progress and performance within the game.  The Classroom Edition provides log-ins for up to 30 students.

An activation email will be sent separately after purchase.

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This game is great!! It has incredible graphics and a detailed plot. the use of graphic novel format keeps readers engaged. It's very educational - I learned a lot about the Mayan civilization while playing! Incredibly accurate, and still fun! Totally appropriate for all ages!

- Minnie Maas
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