Mayan Mysteries




Solve puzzles, gather clues and solve the mystery to catch the thief! Explore the ancient Maya culture in this hands-on archaeological adventure. Will you be the one who proves worthy of reaching the mythical city of Ich’aak?



Loot Pursuit: Tulum

Your math skills are put to the test as you protect rare artifacts from pesky looters. Use all your knowledge of Numbers and Operations in Base 10 to save the priceless relics. Math drills have never been so much fun!


Can U Dig It!

Collect rare Mayan artifacts from excavation sites using math, logic and strategic thinking. Are you a planner or a digger? Tap into your inner treasure seeker, but think carefully or you might break a priceless artifact!



Calculating takes on a whole new meaning in this fast paced counting game. Everyone knows 1 + 1 = 2. But did you know Dot + Line = 6? Take your math skills to the next level while learning the ancient Maya’s remarkable number system as you translate numbers, but watch out for the timer!


Loot Pursuit: Pompeii

Looters are stealing ancient Roman artifacts and it’s up to you to stop them! Solve a variety of Common Core-aligned math problems using fractions, ratios, algebra and geometry to recover priceless artifacts. Are you up to the challenge?

Maya Quiz

 Test your knowledge of the Maya with the family-friendly Maya Quiz app! Maya Quiz offers 100 percent accurate information about Maya archaeology, history and culture.


Roman Town 2.0

Excavate, analyze, explore and learn in this fun, interactive game. Roman Town lets you experience the thrill of uncovering ancient objects while learning real archaeological techniques.


Loot Pursuit: Luxor

You’ve chased the looters to Egypt, but can you get the artifacts from them? This fast-paced math game combines math and social-studies in one Common Core aligned game. Build your skills, save the artifacts and beat the looters!


This is a very engaging App full of interesting Mayan facts, geography and history.... Our seven year old son can't put it down, and has enjoyed the challenges and the games built into the educational learning. Would highly recommend this App for ages 8-99 and would recommend for an educational App for a classroom.

- Candace
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