About Dig-It! Games

Who we are:

At Dig-It! Games, we believe in the power of games to change how kids learn by promoting critical thinking, independent learning, and cultural understanding. Our games incorporate age-appropriate content in math, science, social studies and language arts into fun, interactive and engaging learning experiences. Through our seamless blend of fun and learning, we seek to foster the joy of intellectual discovery and inspire kids to think differently about learning.

What we do:



Our games are tools that allow kids to explore cultures, expand their knowledge and discover a love of learning. They engage different learning styles and allow learners to proceed at their own pace and explore topics that are meaningful to them. Authentic and accurate information that conforms to curriculum mandates and Standards of Learning is built into every game we produce. At Dig-It! Games, fun and learning go hand in hand.


Why we charge for our games:



We would prefer to provide all our games at no cost, but that is not always possible. Charging a reasonable price for some games allows us to continue to create high-quality games that kids want to play. Additionally, proceeds from our sales are used to support teachers, students and education-related initiatives at the local and national level. So every time you purchase one of our games, you are helping to enhance the middle-school learning opportunities that allow our children to succeed and thrive.


Our Team:



Suzi Wilczynski Founder/CEO/Game Designer
Dayle Hodge, Head of Production
Bryan Woodard, Lead Artist
Amecia Starks, Artist
Mikel Wellington, Artist
Chris Jones, Head of Development
Steve Hunnicutt, Developer
Jessica Dommes, Developer

Other Contributors:



Robert J. Sharer

Dig-It! Games was honored to have been able to work with Robert J. Sharer, one of the foremost experts on the Maya, during the development of Mayan Mysteries. As an archaeologist and professor of anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania for more than 30 years, Sharer oversaw excavations in Central America over five decades. Among his many expeditions, Sharer discovered the tomb of an ancient Mayan king in 1993 in Honduras. By the time he retired in 2009, Sharer had contributed to 25 books and more than 100 articles and chapters of industry publications. His contributions helped Dig-It! Games achieve complete authenticity in the factual details of its Maya-themed games.



Michaela Manchego

Michaela is the winner of our first ever character design contest. Michaela’s winning entry, Anna, is the newest addition to the Mayan Mysteries team. We look forward to future events where we get to work with talented kids like Michaela and all the other amazing participants in our debut contest.


Where did Dig-it! Games come from?



In 2005, Dig-It! Games founder Suzi Wilczynski began her quest to create fun, interactive learning experiences for middle school students. As an educator and trained archaeologist, Suzi had used archaeology to bring history to life while calling upon a wide range of skills, including math, science, and language arts. To make these subjects relevant to 21st century kids, Suzi set out to create entertaining, interactive digital games that could be played at school or at home. Her goal was to use games to engage children in an immersive way that goes beyond what they can experience from a textbook, film or lecture. After learning everything she could about game design and playing more games than she cares to admit, Suzi released Roman Town in January 2010 to critical acclaim from parents, educators and the education industry. In 2012, Dig-It! Games produced Mayan Mysteries, an award-winning puzzle-based adventure game about the ancient Maya. 2013 was all about math at Dig-It! Games, with the releases of math-based games Loot Pursuit: Tulum, MayaNumbers and Can U Dig It! There are many exciting things in store for 2014, including a continuation of the Mayan Mysteries story, Loot Pursuit adventures in Pompeii and Egypt, and a return to Roman Town, so stay tuned!


Company Honors



NAPPA Silver 2014* NAPPA Honors * Tillywig Brain Child Award * National Parenting Center Seal of Approval *Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year * Dr. Toy Best Vacation Product * Life Buzz Award * Toy Man Award of Excellence*HERD Seal of Approval*

Students in fifth through ninth grades will enjoy the adventure of learning about archaeology and lost civilizations with Mayan Mysteries. They’ll unearth details of the Mayan empire as they learn geographic, scientific, and mathematical concepts. The game has a built-in Teacher Management System to track how each kid is doing.

- Scholastic Administrator