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Mayan Mysteries

A looter has been digging up Maya sites, clearly looking for something specific. Could it be the mystifying Ladrone, a secretive thief with a history of stealing artifacts? Whoever it is, it’s up to Team Q to stop it!   Can you help Professor Alex Quinn and his niece and nephew Fiona and Charlie solve the mystery? Will you be the one who proves worthy of reaching the mythical city of Ich’aak, revealed only to those with pure hearts and the knowledge to protect the artifacts, sites and culture of the Maya?

Put your puzzle skills to the test as you travel through history and uncover the adventure of Mayan Mysteries!

• Discover 7 unique Maya sites
• Explore 25+ challenging puzzles
• Solve the mystery to save Ich’aak from looters

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Single player



• 9+ hours of unique gameplay
• Immersive, interactive learning
• Designed specifically for grades 5-9
• Available online and for iPad
• In-Game Encyclopedia with 450+ entries
• Content verified by Maya expert Robert J. Sharer
• Aligns with National Standards for Social Studies, Math and Language Arts
• Enrich Reading, Geography, Math, and Critical Thinking


Classroom Edition


• Historically Accurate
• Aligned to National Standards
• Built-In Assessments
• Cross curricular content: Social Studies, Language Arts, Math & Critical Thinking
• Integrated, easy to use student management system
• Track student and class progress against national standards

Mobile App


• Take Mayan Mysteries on the go!
• Compatible with iPad; requires iOS 7.1 or later
• Retina display-ready graphics
• All the content of the online version


  • Compare your scores with players worldwide
  • See all possible achievements: how do you measure up?
  • Learn what makes Team Q tick
  • Access to insider information about new games.


This is a wonderfully fun educational game for older kids. The game begins with a story introduction in a graphic novel format that is very appealing to kids. Children learn about the ancient Mayan civilization through interactive game play.

- iHeartThisApp